Tales from Planet Sundae #2

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Second episode in Tales from Planet Sundae - The Further Adventures of the Guy, brought to you by Karthik Poduval, the drummer and player of whatever whenever... from the Middle-Eastern soul-strut Flamingods.

Listen/DL at soundcloud.com/planetsundae/tales-from-planet-sundae-2

Episode 2...
We witness a world where a life-size sea urchin has taken power, threatening both the fate of the galaxy, and also the vibe of our friend and hero The GUY.

A place where so many things are possible, and the whim can flit from dark to light ≠ waters from low to high. The Guy sets sail on a sea of colour and possibility, led by the stars in the cold and choppy darkness.

Feeling his way through the spiritual imbalance that affects the surrounding waterworld, what will happen to The Guy in this perilous skirting of the oceans? Tune in NOW to find out.

Taped by KP for Planet Sundae co.

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