Tales from Planet Sundae #3

from Planet Sundae


Yes, the third turn is upon us in the starry saga: Tales from Planet Sundae - The Further Adventures of the Guy.

Listen/DL here... soundcloud.com/planetsundae/infinite-source-miro

Coming to you this time by the unquestionable love-machine and machine-lover Miro SundayMusiq. A collector of all things wax, and in absolutely no way pulling the strings at the fortnightly event SundayClub* at the Pickle Factory London. He is The Ideologist. The ideological one, the purrrrveyor. A man of many guises, with a dancing toe that is forever dipping into the great ink-well.... LOVE*

So we proudly present to you Episode 3 in Tales from Planet Sundae.

The Guy has a date with Destiny.
He’s running two days late.

He strolls up to the gate with a napsack packed full of good $#!+
A box of matches, two toothpicks, swiss-Baked brownies + blueberry sorbet in a small cooler (break out the ruler), three candles, a book of poetry by Frank o’Hara, nine panels of fake grass, two bottles (one Brita juice/one umeshu), a single tray of ice cubes and solar powered portables by the Amadeus Mozart Speaker Corp.

Oh, and this cassette.

They had met once before, two lights etched into the starscape, but went their separate ways. Destiny can be one cold customer, and second servings can go both ways. Failing to find fruit in her fateful oblivion can mean entering into an infinite regression for him. “Love you, love me. Love you, love we,” he mutters under his breath. “Damn! What does it all mean?”

The Guy mops his brow and rings the bell.
Has he still got what it takes?
Tune in now!

Taped by Miro SundayMusiq for SundaeMusiq*
With LOVE*

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