Tales from Planet Sundae #4

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Quarto episodio di Tales from Planet Sundae - The Further Adventures of the Guy
Listen/Download here.... soundcloud.com/planetsundae/4-tropic-of-cancer

This month sees the international spaceman shake handz across the galaxy. @filippoblasi aka DJ Blasy reps that unfortunate global warming premature primaveran fire. He's commanded rich and rumbling techno on @third-ear-recordings, and as host of Intro-Spettiva on Novaradio in his native Florence, it truly is a bong situation.

And this is Episode 4.

Following last month’s destiny-driven slowmoving megadrive (courtesy Miro @sundaymusiq*), the Guy finds himself caught within the gravitational rope of La Cremeria: a small cluster of tropical planets that talk smack about the Milky Way. Spiralling through the atmosphere, the Guy passes over sprawling matted jungle. The sky paying her dues is singing in hues of lush caerulean blues.

He crashlands on the edge of an opulent oasis beneath the desert sun. Orchids with seductive charm line the perimeter in a haze of ever-shifting light. The Guy imagines he has discovered a paradise. However, in the heat of the moment his senses seem stunted and he suspects that here, time, does, not, pass. Does not pass. Does. Not. Pass.

A cacti in the periphery penetrates his perceptions.... Is his sanity sinking slowly, sensuously, almost imperceptibly, into this mirage?!???
Tune in now to find out!

Taped by Filippo Blasi Fogletti for Planet Sundae co.

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